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"I have been working with Joe Knittle since 2001 on designing & landscaping our property in Reston, Virginia.  He is the ultimate professional with a wide range of horticultural knowledge particularly with what is good for this area & tolerant of our changing weather conditions. Joe is easy going and a good communicator who is always willing to explain, discuss, and understand what clients want in a project.  Many designers claim to know about the proper kind of plants to plant in various soils but they really don’t.  I was lucky to find a person who actually had a degree in Horticulture and it makes a major difference.  Joe has a great sense of perspective with respect to color schemes,  designs & how things will look when they mature.  We continue to work together as our yard matures and grows.  I have learned a lot about landscaping and look forward to working with Joe Knittle for many years to come."

- Janet Finley (Customer) Reston, VA




"Northern Virginia is flooded with contractors ready to provide services. How do you choose among them to find the right one? Suggestion: Look for a small company and an experienced, hands-on, owner-operator. Dealing with an owner-operator makes all the difference and this is what sets Joe Knittle and DesignscapesVA apart. Joe is both academically trained and deeply experienced as a horticulturist and landscaper which is a rare combination. He understands plants and knows what grows best in Northern Virginia, in part because he puts them in the ground himself. Joe's landscape designs are professionally done and gracefully blend landscape, hardscape, and plantings. He relies on quality local nurseries and sod farms for his stock but won't hesitate to bypass them to order directly from growers when necessary to ensure quality. Joe's plant selection, bloom color, and placement guarantees something is blooming every month of the year. Joe has done extensive work over the last three years at my residence and I am very satisfied with the results. Finally, he is easy to work with and very congenial."

- Eugene Skotzko (Customer) Reston, VA

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